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Indian Football School brings Brazilian football to Mumbai

Indian Football School brings Brazilian football to Mumbai

While the world cheering for the 2014 Soccer World Cup in Brazil, the Samba style of football is being brought into Mumbai by the Indian Football School.

Young footballers in Mumbai can now learn to play the ‘King of Sport’ the Brazilian way, thanks to the technical partnership that the Indian Football School (IFS) is entering into with the Brasil Futbol Academia (BFA).

The IFS, which runs two centres in Mumbai—at the Cooperage Football Stadium and Andheri Sports Complex will now gain from their association with BFA, who will add technical expertise and structure to the IFS program with the long term vision of developing young footballers enrolled into IFS courses.

IFS trainees will be given the opportunity to train in the Samba style of play under the BFA curriculum with learnings introduced from the successful Brazilian philosophy. BFA will assign a Technical Director in Mumbai, who will be in charge of all technical programming, progression plans and coaches.

The BFA-IFS tie-up will see the involvement of the likes of former star players Roberto Mendes da Silva (Beto), Jose Ramirez Barretto and Technical Director Glauco Moraes, who will be actively involved in the day to day running of the program.

Indian Football School

Indian Football School is an elite football training institution aimed at developing grassroots football across India.

The Indian Football School offers year round player development programs across two centres, the historical Cooperage Football Ground in Churchgate and the modern day centre of sporting excellence, the Andheri Sports Complex. Both centres are equipped with the following:

–      World Class FIFA sanctioned Astro turf facilities
–      State of the art player rooms equipped with lockers and showers
–      Classrooms for health, nutrition and lifestyle workshops

The Indian Football Schools is managed by the same team and coaching staff that successfully ran the Manchester United Soccer Schools programs across India over the last 3 years. The core coaching staff is committed to deliver top quality player development programs to the students across the world class training facilities.

The IFS curriculum has been adapted based on inputs from students, parents and leading international coaches. The focus is to ensure overall development across 5 areas, Tactical, Physical, Social, Technical and Psychological. IFS also aims to develop squads / teams to compete at city and state level across age groups to provide the much needed competitive edge to our students. Working with the All India Football Association and Western India Football Association to provide professional level career guidance to students of Indian Football School is the key driving force behind its vision of playing a pivotal role in development of football in India

Brasil Futbol Academia
Football is the most popular game throughout the world and the name Brazil comes whenever you discuss on football. Football is a passion for Brazilians, who often refer to their country as “o País do Futebol” (the country of Football). On the other hand, in India football is also a very popular.So to nurture budding talents of India in Samba way, Brasil Futebol Academia (BFA) was founded on 26th March, 2009 at Goa. Brasil Futebol Academia (BFA) is the ‘brain-child’ of Roberto Mendes Silva, a Professional Footballer who wanted to give something back to the ‘Beautiful Game’. He together with his friend Jose Ramirez Barreto, a professional footballer came up with an idea of setting up a football academy in Goa. They both worked really hard to make this dream a reality.

Roberto Mendes Silva and Jose Ramirez Barreto joined hands to give the kids of India an opportunity to learn football in India the Brazilian way. The Brasil Futebol Academia (BFA) is run by trained Brazilian and Indian coaches. As a way of giving back to Indian Football, the Academy provides all of its services free of cost to the kids. The Brasil Futebol Academia (BFA) has turned out to be Goa’s best talent factory and it has been three years since inception. Thanks to all the Brazilian lessons, the progress made by the trainees has been astonishing.

The Academy offers a training and support programme designed to help the student athletes reach their full potential, while working closely with India’s elite football clubs. The aim is to ensure the Academy continues to have a major influence on the development of players and a positive effect on team performances. It is here we can give our best young players access to top quality coaching, facilities and sports science, and instill good habits and practices in everything from training to lifestyle management

Glauco Moraes
Glauco Moraes is the Technical Director at BFA.  After an unfortunate injury ended his playing career, Glauco initiated his coaching expertise at the famous Gremio youth academy spending 16 years with the club. During his time at Gremio, Glauco had the opportunity to learn and train under the likes of renowned coaches like Jose Felipe Scolari and Mano Menezes. He has also taught several lectures at the Union of Professional Trainers of Rio Grande do Sul – a prominent coaching institute in Brazil. Glauco was part of the youth coaching set-up at Gremio who were responsible for shaping the careers of international players like Lucas Leiva (Liverpool), Anderson (Manchester United) and the one and only Ronaldinho! In his illustrious career, Glauco has held a variety of top positions across coaching – fitness, technical, management, etc. With his years of experience in Brazil as well as his time in India with the Brazilian Futbol Academia, Glauco has devised a comprehensive technical curriculum wherein his Brazilian philosophy marries Indian potential. With BFA since 2010, Glauco is well on his way to creating India’s very own Ronaldinhos!

Western India Football Association (WIFA)
Western India Football Association est. 1911 is the governing body of football in Maharashtra. WIFA looks after development of football in many aspects like infrastructure, coach education, grassroots development and general promotion of the beautiful game.

WIFA Grassroots Development Initiative:

Maharashtra has a whopping 21.5 million kids between the age group of 6 to 17 years, of which 11.5 million are boys and 10 million are girls, which is the target audience for WIFA’s grassroots initiative. Of the 21.5 million boys and girls between the age of 6 to 17, less than 1 per cent are currently playing football. Till 2012 there were only 65 licensed coaches in the state. The aim is to create a holistic football development process by strengthening the existing football base. Towards this end, WIFA is currently running aggressive coaching programs with the aim of creating 5000 AIFF ‘D’ License coaches in the next three years. Till date WIFA has succeeded in producing 1000+ AIFF ‘D’ License coaches. By end of July 2014 Maharashtra will be a fully football literate state have licensed coaches and Grassroots leaders in every district.

Indian Football School

Cooperage:  022 2284 4544/45
Andheri: 022 2674 0277

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