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Referee Education

WIFA’s Referees’ Board

  • Vision – 1000 referees in the next 3 years
  • At least one Category 5 Exam to be held conducted by every DFA

How to become a Referee?

New Referees’ Entry Form: Download


  1. Min SSC or other equivalent board
  2. Age between 18 to 45 (Ideally to become a national and International ref one needs to start between 18 to 30 years of age)
  3. Pass the FIFA fitness test
  4. Good Eyesite
  5. Both male and female can apply for the course


  1. Medium of learning is English
  2. 3 to 7 day course (depending on the schedule and the availability of Instructors)
  3. Examination will be conducted 15 days after the candidate has finished the theory class

Tests module:

  1.  Theory test – 100 marks
  2. Physical fitness test – 100 marks
  3. Practical test – 100 marks
  4. VIVA – 100 marks

(Candidates need to score above 80 in all the test to clear)

Certificate will only be awarded once the candidate clears all the tests and completes 30 matches as a assistant and or main referee

Levels of Refereeing Class of matches Course conducted by
CAT I National AIFF
CAT II National AIFF
CAT III State Class WIFA
CAT IV State Class WIFA
CAT V State Class WIFA


Promotion can happen every year till the highest category
After ataining CAT V School, District leagues, University/Colleges, State level competitions
Careers after refereeing after crossing 45 years of age options are

Different Courses (min CAT II required)

Match Commissioners
Technical Instructors
Referee Assessor
Referees Examiner
Referee recruiter
Match Coordinator
Physical Trainers
Physical Instructors
Head of Referees


‘To know more contact your local ‘DFA” or ‘WIFA’