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Five things to know about WIFA Women’s Championship

Five things to know about WIFA Women’s Championship

Mumbai: With less than a day to go for WIFA (Western India Football Association) Women’s Championship, the preparation has already started ahead of a 15-day showdown which will be played at the iconic Cooperage Stadium.

Over eight clubs are participating from four districts. Bodyline SC and Aadhar Pratishtan (Mumbai), United Poona SA and Pune City FC (Pune), Poddar International and KSA Women’s FC (Kolhapur) and Tirpude College and Tulip FC (Nagpur) are the eight teams participating.

Two months ago, as a part of FIFA-AIFF State Development Project, WIFA Youth Championship was initiated. It received huge appreciation from the Mumbai Football fraternity and by the looks of it, the upcoming Women’s Championship might go on the same path.

Here are the 5 things which will make WIFA Women’s Championship unique and successful.

  1. Live Streaming on Facebook – Over 15 matches will be telecast live on Facebook which is a terrific and effective initiative to interact with the followers who are not present in the stadium. It will also make everyone aware of the Women’s Championship. Followers across all the four participating districts (Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur and Nagpur) can stream the match.
  2. Photography – Photos of the match will be posted on Social Media where the players can easily access and download the pictures.
  3. Social Media Coverage – Apart from Facebook, the followers can get live updates from Twitter and Instagram as well.
  4. Online Portal – Match Preview, Match Report, Interviews and rest of the articles regarding Women’s Championship will be posted on
  5. Print Media Coverage – Reports will be published in leading newspapers of Mumbai.

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